Taking care of your block paving/Plaspave 60 driveway in Morley,leeds.

As you can see from looking at the above picture, this block paving driveway in Morley,Leeds has ruts or sunken areas, and seems to have been damaged by use of car traffic or parking.
Unfortunatly, there are no hard standing areas installed that require no maintenance whatsoever.
There are occasions when a surface has been poorly installed that the sinking of block paving may occur, but in many cases this can be caused by over cleaning, mostly Jet washing.
Jet washing is a great way to clean many outdoor surfaces, but many choose to use the jet washer too closely, resulting in washing out a majority of the jointing sand.
A block paving area is a flexible surface design which interlocks and binds together tightly, using the kiln dried filling/jointing sand to lock and seal the driveway from the elements, mostly rain water.The paving,once established keeps the rainwater above the surface,preventing water from getting beneath the block paving and into the laying bed sand, directly below.When water can penatrate the laying bed or sand layer, the sand becomes unstable and is no longer able to support the weight of the vehicles,this is when the blocks start to move and cause some areas to sink.
Driveways should be cleaned in warmer weather, when they are able to dry out properly, all dirt should be thoroughly removed from all of the driveway areas, especially in between the joints of the paving, taking great care not to remove too much of the jointing sand,this can be acheived by using the jet wash on a low angle. REMEMBER !! When your block paving driveway was completed, the sand and blocks were compressed using machinery which interlocks and binds the surface of your driveway together very tighly.
If you have loose paving block on your driveway then this may have been caused by simply over cleaning the paving, this can sometimes be resolved by simply filling the joints with a kiln dried block paving sand, but in cases where sinking has taken place,calling a professional hard surface landscaper may be the only resolve to get the driveway lifted and placed back into its former level to gain good water flow management from the driveway (paved area).

Driveways by design can help you with the smallest repairs to your driveway, right through to lifting the whole of the driveway area up and re- laying the entire existing driveway from start,giving your old driveway a whole new lease of life.We use all manufactured paving inc..Marshalls/Bradstone/Brett etc

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