Driveway Renovation?

There’s a beautiful drive, just waiting to be discovered!

By far our most requested pressure washing service is for driveway cleaning in Leeds. Most driveways across Leeds receive far more wear than patio areas and consequently get dirty very quickly. The best way to keep a driveway looking great at all times is to have it professionally pressure washed and sealed with a good quality block paving sealer or concrete sealer.

Our driveway cleaning service is available in most West Yorkshire towns such as Leeds, Wakefield, Wetherby, York, Halifax, Brighouse, Dewsbury.

Driveways By Design pressure wash and seal driveways all over Leeds,  we utilise a vast range of

block paving restoration
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block paving sealers, concrete sealers and tarmac coating products, we can keep your driveway looking great at all times. Over the years, we have carried out hundreds of driveway cleaning projects in in most major towns in West Yorkshire. We receive many recommendations for our driveway cleaning service from satisfied homeowners. This is because the pressure washers we use work at 3600psi which cleans block paving and concrete far more effectively than any domestic pressure cleaners.

Sometimes oil or grease stains appear on block paved or tarmac driveways. Before pressure washing we can pre-treat the oil stains with oil remover for block paving or oil remover for tarmac. If weeds or moss are present we will also pre-treat these areas with weedkillier or an anti-fungicide to ensure your driveway comes up totally clean. The sealers we use will also protect your driveway against the future growth of moss and weeds and make cleaning oil leaks that much easier.


Patio or path need cleaning?

Is it time your patio or path had a clean and seal to bring it back to new?

If you live in Leeds and have a patio or path that could do with a little care then we can certainly help. Having pressure cleaned many patios and paths in Leeds over the years, we are confident we can transform the look of your patio or path for the better. Our pressure washing service for patios and paths covers most major towns in West Yorkshire such as Leeds, Wakefield, Wetherby, York, Halifax, Brighouse, Dewsbury.

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After restoration

As well as pressure washing any patio or path surface in Leeds, we will also offer to protectively seal any patio or path with high quality sealers that are used for block paving, concrete and most types of natural stone. We can pressure clean and seal a wide range of materials used to lay patios and have listed some below.

  • All types of block paving
  • Patterned imprinted concrete
  • Precast paving slabs
  • All varieties of natural stone – indian sandstone, limestone, granite etc
  • Concrete paving slabs
  • Screeded concrete
  • Granite blocks and sets
  • Decking

We utilise a vast range of sealers to ensure our patio cleaning service is as professional as possible. Our specialist patio cleaning equipment will swiftly remove green algae, moss and lichen on patios which is a common problem. Our patio cleaners only use high pressured water and harmful chemical are avoided which are not good for the environment.

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